Two Crestview Men Arrested For Pointing Laser

March 27, 2017

Two Crestview residents are charged with a felony after they were involved in pointing a laser light at other drivers on Highway 98 in Destin just before midnight Sunday night.

24-year old Charles Haggart of King Street admitted to shining the laser at other motorists and 23-year old Derrick Taylor of Hunter Drive says he was driving the vehicle.

One victim, a U.S. Marine Captain in town from Japan, told an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy the green laser light was trained on him even after he hit his brakes to let the other vehicle pass. He said due to the amount of time it was on him he was certain he was intentionally targeted and that the light obstructed his eyesight.

Both Haggart and Taylor are charged with misuse of a laser lighting device, a third degree felony.

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