Training History Made at South Walton Fire District

December 28, 2016

Santa Rosa Beach, Fla – After three years in the making, SWFD placed their very first ever “live fire training boxes” in service on December 20, 2016. SWFD’s “Live Fire Instructors” were on hand at the SWFD Headquarters to conduct the initial training burn in these heavy duty steel boxes that are specially designed for this.

Through hard work and perseverance SWFD leaders were instrumental in achieving the district’s goal of obtaining the proper equipment to conduct live fire training exercises. SWFD front line personnel will now be able to participate regularly in high risk training.

“This training will further strengthen SWFD’s ability to be at our absolute best when taking the risk needed to uphold our oath to our citizens and visitors”, said Fire Chief Rick Talbert.

These training boxes will provide SWFD years of live fire training exercises and can even be utilized for several other fire ground training operations as well.

A Special “Thank You” to the SWFD Board of Fire Commissioners, whose constant support made this possible.

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