The Crestview Police Department Is Doing Their Part To Help The Local Drug Dealer

March 11, 2017

CRESTVIEW — Usually when government meddles in the free market, the results aren’t very satisfactory. Prices go up; innovation and service go down. Sometimes companies suffer and go out of business all together.

That’s precisely some of the motivation behind the Crestview Police Department’s new initiative in which the agency offers to “help” drug dealers by providing them a mechanism to rat on—and therefore eliminate—the competition.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign was the brainchild of Investigator Shawn Temple, who modeled it on similar programs used by other police agencies.

Temple admits he doesn’t expect much response from the fliers that extoll “A Free Service To Eliminate Your Drug Competition!” if dealers would only “Report Your Competition To Us!” by completing the form and turning it in at the Police Department or to any patrol officer.

“It’s light-hearted,” Temple said. “But most drug dealers aren’t real smart. You never know. Maybe some will fall for it.”

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