Puppy Mill Operation Abandons 73 Great Danes

great-dane-2Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Alaqua Animal Refuge has taken custody of all of the dogs involved in a large scale breeding operation of Great Danes last week. The facility was left abandoned by the owner due to his health reasons. The refuge was contacted by concerned family members when it was discovered that he was no longer there to care for them.

The refuge desperately needs your help, as the cost of care is tremendous with the dogs currently eating 150 pounds a food a day, and all will need to be fully vetted before being placed up for adoption, which is extremely costly for dogs of this size.

DONATION LINK: https://www.alaquaanimalrefuge.org/…/sponsor-a…/great-danes/

FOSTER: Consider taking one of these gentle giants into your home for a short time until they can be adopted. Interested fosters may email Medical@AlaquaAnimalRefuge.org and a special application with requirement criteria will be sent to you.


ADOPT: Applications are being taken for adoption of these regal canines. Interested parties may fill out our online form, but please expect delays in processing times as we anticipate a large volume of applicants. All applicants must meet our current criteria, as well as additional ones, because of the special requirements of these animals. Apply here:https://www.alaquaanimalrefuge.org/adopt/

Please make a donation today: https://www.alaquaanimalrefuge.org/…/sponsor-a…/great-danes/

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