Man Charged with Attacking Two Nurses at FWB Medical Center

June 19, 2017

A Fort Walton Beach man who was receiving treatment at the Fort Walton Beach Medical Center ended up in hand cuffs after he battered two staff members who were trying to help him.

Keith William Coleman

On Saturday, June 17, 2017, 32 year old Keith William Coleman of 101 Water Street, Fort Walton Beach, became combative with staff while being treated and had to be held down. Coleman over powered the staff and was able to get off the bed. He then grabbed one nurse by the arm and shoved her into some supply carts.

Coleman then grabbed a second nurse by the throat, cutting off his airway for approximately ten (10) seconds before staff was able to gain control of him.

Keith William Coleman was charged with Battery and Aggravated Battery on Emergency Medical Care Providers and released on a $5,000.00 bond on June 19, 2017.

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