Is a City Manager form of government really the only viable alternative for Crestview’s continued growth

May 17, 2017

The Crestview City Council will have a special meeting at 5:00 PM today to name a seven member Charter Review Committee.

Former Crestview Mayor Jerry Milligan has more on the current Charter Review process in today’s “Comment on the News”.

By Jerry Milligan

The question of Charter Change in Crestview is just about as old as the current charter itself. And the question of what form of government Crestview will have has always come down to the current Charter’s form of government – which is a modified Strong Mayor, or change to a City Manager; always with no options in between.

When the demand for a City Manager was thrown down to the City Council in late February like a gauntlet, some of the Council members stated their belief that it is time to again place before City voters a new charter with a change in the form of government. In discussions then, and in discussions since that time, residents were led to believe that the City would go through some type of process –(possibly citizen surveys) – to determine whether voters will support a change, and if there are other types of government the people will accept and support.

The majority of the Council seems to have lost sight of the fact that we must have citizen involvement all the way through the process of charter change. Will the voters support some other government forms?

Members of the Charter Review Committee will be named in a special meeting this evening. Once the Committee is formed, members will have thirty days to bring in their report – as things stand now.

Our concern is that the majority of the Crestview City Council members apparently have learned absolutely no lessons from previous failed charter change proposals. . .the need for Crestview’s voters’ involvement all the way through. When that Charter Review Committee is named in tonight’s special meeting, I encourage Council members to give those Committee Members the full freedom to completely involve the voters of Crestview.

Thirty days to produce agreement on charter change that could last for fifty years, in my opinion, is not in the best interests of our City.

The proceeding has been a “Comment On The News” concerning the City of Crestview’s pending Charter Change by Crestview resident and former Mayor, Jerry Milligan.

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