Human Remains Found by Work Crew on Interstate 10 in Santa Rosa County

October 30, 2016

Work crews performing work on Interstate 10 approximately .3 mile west of exit 26 located what they believed to be human remains on Friday evening.  These remains were in a wooded area adjacent to the fence line.

Santa Rosa Deputies were contacted and confirmed the remains were human.  They were skeletonized and there was no indication of the demographics or identity.

Crime sceneInvestigators from the Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene at approximately 1711 hours and conducted a preliminary examination of the scene.  Due to the onset of darkness, the scene was secured and investigators resumed their investigation Saturday morning.

Investigators from the SRSO as well as the Medical Examiner’s office were on scene Saturday throughout the evening. “There is currently no evidence to suggest a cause or manner of death”, the news release said. According to investigators it would appear that the remains has been there for some time.

Investigators have recovered an identification card at the scene that they believe is likely that of the decedent. Information pertaining to the identity will not be released until positive identification can be made.  There is still no indication of the cause or manner of death as of this time.

If you have any information about this case or any other case you are requested to contact the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office at (850)983-1100 or Santa Rosa County Crime Stoppers at (850) 437-STOP

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