Governor Scott signs Executive Order Suspending Member of the Florida 911 Board of Directors after being Arrested for Going Online to Solicit Sex with a Minor

Tallahassee – A regulatory affairs manager for AT&T in Tallahassee and a Gov. Rick Scott appointee to the e911 board, was arrested on September 30, 2016 and charged with two counts of using a computer to solicit a parent for sexual contact with a minor and one count of online solicitation of a minor.

During an undercover sting to identify individuals who were using an e-commerce website for the purpose of sexual contact with minors, Tallahassee Police investigators with the Special Victims Unit posted an advertisement on the webpage.  They were contacted by an individual regarding the advertisement and exchanged several emails with him. As the investigation continued, they identified and later arrested Stan L. Greer for Using a Computer to Solicit or Seduce a Child and Using a Computer to Solicit a Parents Consent.  

stan-l-greerOn July 22, 2016, an undercover advertisement was posted on an e-commerce site with the intent of identifying individuals who were using the site for the purpose of sexual contact with minors. On August 20, 2016, Greer responded to the advertisement, believing he was communicating with an individual in a family setting. Greer stated he was interested in “family fun” and indicated he was a 53 years old single white male. A response was sent on August 22, 2016 and communication began via e-mail.

During communication between Greer and the undercover officer(s), Greer did ask about the 14 year female child performing sexual acts with him and other family members of hers. Furthermore Greer agreed to meet in a public place and then relocate to have sex with the child. The next day Greer communicated back stating he could not meet because he was called into work.

After serving several subpoenas, information was received confirming the suspect as Stan Greer and his address. After applying for a search warrant for Greer’s residence on September 30, 2016 and it being granted, Investigators traveled to Greer’s house. Surveillance was established prior to executing the search warrant, and a blue Dodge truck was observed leaving the residence. The house was found to be unoccupied and entry was forced into the residence to execute the service of the search warrant.

Contact was made with Greer by phone at his work telephone number. Greer stated he was aware law enforcement had forced entry into his home and stated he would be back to the residence in a short period of time. Greer arrived at the home shortly thereafter. Greer asked if he needed to bring an attorney and was told he had the option of doing so. Greer did not mention an attorney further, nor did he invoke his right to counsel prior to questioning.

Greer was later placed under arrest for two counts of use of a computer to solicit a parent for sexual contact with a child and one count of online solicitation of a minor. Greer was searched and transported to the Tallahassee Police Department prior to transport to the Leon County jail.

The search warrant was completed at the residence with multiple items seized as possible evidence.  

The following link is the affidavit of arrest which outlines all of the contact between the undercover officer(s) and Greer. Content is of a graphic nature. TPD 06-27255

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