Freeport Woman Arrested for Coveting Thy Neighbor’s Belongings A Little Too Much

October 18, 2016

Freeport, Fla— A Freeport woman is in jail after burglarizing her neighbor’s property off Eastern Street in Walton County.

Skyler Michelle Anderson

Skyler Michelle Anderson

Skyler Anderson is charged with burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, burglary of an occupied dwelling, and grand theft after stealing several items from the victim’s work shop and the victim’s car port. The victim awoke to find Anderson leaving the property with stolen items and attempted to approach her. She then fled to her nearby residence.

WCSO deputies responded to the burglary in progress and a perimeter was set up at the suspect’s home at 128 Eastern Street as a search warrant was being worked.  Deputies observed several of the stolen items in the yard and believed in the residence.  After several hours Skyler came out of the home and was arrested.  The rest of the stolen items were located in the residence and returned to the owner. Some of those items include; a prom dress, jumper cables, shovel, electric leaf blower, chainsaw, vanity mirror, two bags of miracle grow, sling blade, box fan, and three pecan trees.

While en route to the Walton County Jail Skyler kicked at the windows, barrier partition, and head butted the partition numerous times inside the patrol car. Skyler also spit on the partition and door.  Once arrived at the Jail, Skyler was turned over to Correction Officers for processing.

Click here to read Skyler Anderson’s arrest report.

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