Five Okaloosa Youth Development Center inmates arrested for battery on staff

August 15, 2016

Five inmates at the Okaloosa Youth Development Center near Crestview are charged with attacking an employee who wouldn’t give them his cell phone.okaloosa-bdd

Deputies say the 21-year old victim was beaten, choked, bitten, and kneed when he refused to allow the teens to use his phone. They were temporarily able to get the phone away from the staffer during the attack. 17-year old Franklyn Samuel, 18-year old Cornell Hayes, and 16-year old Jamarcus Howard are charged with battery on a detention staff member and robbery by sudden snatching. 17-year old Jarrod Mingo and 16-year old Antonio Vann are charged with battery.

The employee suffered numerous injuries, including a busted lip, cut and swelling below his left eye, and a bite mark which broke the skin between his shoulder blades.

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