Escaped Convict From Michigan Sentenced To Prison for July Escape From Private Transport While in Santa Rosa County

November 10, 2016

Milton – A 36 Year Old Michigan man who escaped from a private transport in July of this year has been sentenced to 15 years in prison according to a news release from the State Attorneys office of Bill Eddins.

On July 2nd 2016, shortly after 10:30 PM Saatio was being transported in a private prisoner transportation van heading from Texas to Michigan. While at a rest stop off of Interstate 10 in Santa Rosa County, Saatio used a makeshift handcuff key to remove his handcuffs and escape from custody.

John Wesley Saatio

John Wesley Saatio

At approximately 6:52 P.M., July 3, 2016, a citizen called the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch center advising them of a suspicious person walking in a wooded area. Based on the description provided, it was believed to be John Saatio.

Deputies arrived at the location a short time later and deployed a K-9 unit. A track began on the southeast side of Antietam Rd in Milton. The track led Deputies through a large field and through several small creeks. Additional resources were called in from Santa Rosa Correctional Institute (CI) K-9, Okaloosa CI K-9, Century CI k-9 and FWC. When the units caught up to Saaito approximately 4 hours later, he was apprehended without incident.
Saatio was searched and 2 makeshift handcuff keys were located in his socks.

Saatio had previously escaped custody from the State of Michigan and fled to Costa Rica, where he was extradited back to the United States. Saatio has outstanding warrants from Michigan for Home Invasion Robbery and Destruction of Police Property.

Saatio was sentenced by Circuit Judge John Simon to 15 years state prison. Saatio had entered a plea straight to the court on November 2, 2016 on the charges of Escape and Possession of a Concealed Handcuff Key.

This case was investigated by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office. Assistant State Attorney Zachary Brost prosecuted the case.

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