Does The City Of Crestview Really Need A Charter Change (with audio)

March 01, 2017

by Jerry Milligan

Monday night the Crestview City Council heard a report from Mason-Dixon Polling and Research Company, calling for the Crestview City Council to put into motion his plans for Crestview to start the legal steps necessary to adopt the City Manager form of government here.

Crestview Broadcasting Company asked Jerry Milligan for his comments on the matter. As a native and life-long resident of Crestview, his is a well-known voice both on radio and in local government. For the benefit of our newer listeners and readers who have moved into the area recently. Jerry Milligan is a Former Mayor of Crestview.

Here is today’s “Comment On The News

As I sat in Monday’s Crestview City Council meeting, and listened to a presentation by a Research Specialist from the Mason-Dixon Polling and Research Company, I head a resident of Maryland attack the people of my city because we are, in his opinion, stuck in the past with an antiquated system of government that makes Crestview a laughing stock throughout the State of Florida.

The only positive quality Crestview has to offer in the opinion of our noted government research specialist, is that we have two major highways intersecting here. This Specialist on forms of local government made it clear that anything short of a full blown City Manager form of government would be a sign of further lack of good judgement by Crestview’s government and residents.

Council Members took no action on the research question Monday night.

Now this is not the first time I have seen someone ride into our city from another state, riding the proverbial big white horse – ready to save us from our own ignorant state. In the past, those white horses have come from places ranging from Washington DC to Tallahassee and Pensacola. I encourage our City Council members to take time for a couple of extra meetings to plan your course of action well. Keep the “No Free Lunch” principle in mind. And  most of all, don’t allow OUR people to be subjected to the high-pressure, high-roller attack campaign that we heard described Monday night.

The preceding is a “Comment on the News” by Former Mayor and City of Crestview Resident, Jerry Milligan.

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