Crestview to hold special meeting to name Charter Review Committee

My 16, 2017

The Crestview City Council will have a special meeting Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at 5:00 PM. The Primary reason for that meeting is to name members of a seven-member Charter Review Committee.  Each member of the Crestview City Council along with Mayor David Cadle and City Clerk Betsy Roy, will each appoint one person to review the Charter.

Jerry Milligan is Former Mayor of Crestview, as well as a veteran political reporter of more than fifty years. WAAZ/WJSB Radio News asked the Former Mayor to provide some background for what has led to the latest episode of Charter Change referendum  for the City.  His response is presented as Today’s Comment on the News:



In late February of this year – not even three months ago – A stranger from the state of Maryland. . .showed up in a Crestview City Council Meeting and delivered a scathing attack on City Government. That stranger went on to question the integrity and character of Crestview’s elected and appointed officials.

Unless Crestview comes out of the dark ages and hires a City Manager, we could very likely disappear off the map. There could be absolutely no hope of growth, without a City Manager, said the speaker.

There was no explanation as to how Crestview has managed to remain one of the fastest-growing cities in the State, and even in the nation. That stranger represented a multi-millionaire in Pensacola who was willing to pay the financial costs of a campaign to sell the people of Crestview on the City Manager (I believe “educate” us was the word he actually used) and to finance the cost of the referendum.

At that time, and in subsequent discussions, the public was led to believe that the City would conduct surveys to find out whether Crestview voters really are interested in a change to the charter at this time.  If so, what forms of government should be offered before the full referendum question was shaped into a ballot proposal.

A couple of workshop meetings by the Council and thirty days of deliberation by a Charter review committee would hardly qualify as “extensive” input by the voters.

I encourage the City Council to find a way to assure that substantial numbers of City voters are heard from this time . . . BEFORE they enter the voting booth. Get the voters involved! ! !

The preceding “Comment on the News” is by Former Crestview Mayor Jerry Milligan.

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