Crestview man charged with Aggravated Battery on his 65 year old roommate

Christopher D. Kershaw

Christopher D. Kershaw

A heated argument between two men turned violent Monday night after one of the men fired a weapon at the other and then put the gun in his mouth before telling him he would “blow him away”.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has charged 34-year old Christopher Douglas Kershaw with aggravated battery on a person 65 years of age or older and robbery with a firearm. Deputies were called to an area of Bud Moulton Road and Silverhill Road near Crestview around 10:30 last night in reference to a disturbance.

The 65-year old victim says he and his new roommate got into an argument while driving on Bud Moulton Road and Kershaw told him he was a killer and was going to kill him. The victim became concerned for his safety and took his gun from his holster. He says Kershaw then took the gun from him, fired it near his head, and put it in his mouth. They got out at the victim’s home at 616 Bud Moulton Road and got into a fight. The victim was struck multiple times with the revolver.

A deputy says as he walked up to the scene, the victim was pleading for his life. He says there was a large pool of blood on the ground in front of the residence. The victim was taken to North Okaloosa Medical Center for treatment of his injuries, which included missing pieces of flesh on the top and back of his head.

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