CPD Officers Paying It Forward

December 28, 2016

By Brian Hughes

CRESTVIEW — When Crestview Police officers are off duty, it’s a time they sometimes devote to yard work. Tuesday, however, seven cops from Bravo day shift descended on someone else’s yard.

That morning they visited an elderly Adams-Powell neighborhood resident’s home and in about three hours raked and bagged leaves from his front and back yards.

“I saw the police cars come up. I didn’t know what I’d done,” Paul Tyner, 94, said. “I saw all these young people come up. Just got out of their way.”

K-9 Officer Shane Kriser spearheaded the clean-up after he’d noticed Tyner’s leaf-covered yard when responding to a call in the neighborhood last week.

“It was all his idea,” Officer Cristina Dawson said. “It feels good to do things like this for people.”

When resident Breana Uptigrove saw the officers hard at work in her neighbor’s yard, she and her daughter Lana, 11, extended a thank you in the way of a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts and a Box O’Joe container of coffee.

“That’s so kind of them to help Mr. Paul,” Uptigrove said. “We wanted to say ‘thank you’ to them.”

Kriser, Dawson and their shift colleagues Sgt. Brian McCallum and Officers Matt Andrew, Nate Marlar, Corey Newcomb and Jay Seals voluntarily performed the yard work on a day off.

“I appreciate what they did,” Tyner said. “Our police, they got a hell of a job.” Then he jokingly added, “I donate to the police. I pay my tickets on time.”

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