Crestview Mayor Appoints Chief & Deputy Chief of Police

December 7, 2018

Crestview, FL — Mayor David Cadle announced Friday that Deputy Police Chief Jamie Grant will drop the “deputy” in his title, to become the county seat’s chief of police, effective immediately.

At the same time, Mayor Cadle appointed Officer Lisa Sprague, the department’s former records custodian and current director of professional standards and ethics, to the position of deputy chief of police.

“For the past seven months I have watched the Police Department under the direction of interim Chief Grant and have been very pleased to witness the agency’s morale rise to a new, extremely positive level,” Mayor Cadle said.

Chief Grant, a 28-year veteran of the Crestview Police Department, is a Crestview High School graduate who rose from auxiliary police officer to full-time patrol officer and progressed through the ranks. He was the agency’s first K9 handler. He was appointed interim chief upon the suspension of former Chief Tony Taylor in May, and became deputy chief with the retirement in June of former Deputy Chief Rick Brown.

“He knows and understands the demands of this department from top to bottom,” Mayor Cadle said.

He also cited Chief Grant’s decision-making skills and response to resident and business owners’ concerns.

“He realized the concerns of downtown merchants over the issue of harassment of customers by vagrant and possibly homeless people, as well as drug usage,” Mayor Cadle said. “He immediately installed a full-time officer to that area who was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from downtown merchants.”

Newly appointed Deputy Police Chief Lisa Sprague and Police Chief Jamie Grant meet informally Friday morning with Crestview Mayor David Cadle, who shared his expectations with them.

In announcing Deputy Chief Sprague’s appointment, Mayor Cadle cited her extensive, 38-year law enforcement career as a determining factor in selecting her for the position now vacated by Chief Grant.

She has served as chief of police at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, director of public safety at Stetson University and Ohio Dominican University, and as deputy or associate chief of police at Cornell University and other universities.

Dep. Chief Sprague served as associate chief of police at Florida State University from 2003-10, serving its 52,000-person population. At Florida Gateway College in Tallahassee, she was director of public safety and an adjunct professor of criminal justice.

Her long list of state and national certifications include Florida police officer, firearms instructor, range safety officer, generalist police instructor, defensive tactics instructor, victim advocate specialist,front line homeland responder instructor, regional and state emergency response team, C.P.R. and first responder, and traffic infraction enforcement officer. Dep. Chief Sprague also holds a black-stripe belt in Taekwon-Do.

“At Crestview PD, she has succeeded far beyond our expectations,” Mayor Cadle said. “Dep. Chief Sprague has a long history in law enforcement with full certification in numerous areas of police work. She brings an expertise in modern law enforcement that will be invaluable to our police department.”

The mayor said his decision to appoint the new Crestview Police leadership was not undertaken lightly and was done with considerable deliberation, thought, consultation and prayer, but after the multi-month process, he is confident in his selections.

“Both Chief Grant and Deputy Chief Sprague are well-respected in our Police Department and in our community,” Mayor Cadle said. “Their leadership skills and experience will serve our city well.”

by Brian Hughes, Public Information Officer | Crestview Police Department

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