Two of three Crestview Police Department officers fired following investigation

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Crestview, FL — Two of three Crestview Police officers charged under various alleged infractions of agency written directives and city policies have been dismissed following an extensive internal investigation.

Officer Christina Dawson and Investigator Shawn Temple were fired on allegations including policy statement, distraction to others, violating laws relating to the Police Department, code of ethics and contributing to a hostile work environment.

Officer Jay Seals was ordered to forfeit four days’ pay, placed on a year’s probation and lost his positions as a K9 officer and SWAT team member.

The officers had been on paid administrative leave during the investigation that dated to mid-May following a May 8th “secret” meeting held at 4 p.m. at Speck Pond on the Eglin Air Force Base reservation in Walton County.

According to the officers’ internal investigative reports, “This secret meeting was said to be a ’training exercise for the K9 officers.’” However, the report determined that although some K9 training did take place, the real reason the meeting was held was to have certain members of the agency’s command staff “terminated from the Crestview Police Department.”

The investigation determined Officer Dawson had been in contact with former Chief Tony Taylor, who, she stated, was supposed to attend the meeting but had to cancel when Mayor David Cadle, advised of the clandestine gathering, called a meeting with Chief Taylor and the commanders at the same time.

The mayor and command staff were subsequently advised of the meeting by several officers, who were told by Officer Dawson the meeting was mandatory and had been called by Chief Taylor. The officers stated they thought the meeting was “ridiculous” and “kind of sketchy.”

“If there were legitimate concerns, you shouldn’t have had a secret meeting,” one of the officers stated.

by Brian Hughes / Public Information Officer CPD

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