Youth Academy Escapee Captured at Crestview McDonalds

April 5, 2018

Crestview, FL – A thirteen year old who escaped from the Okaloosa Youth Academy Tuesday evening was later captured at a Crestview McDonalds after a Department of Juvenile Justice employee stopped in and spotted him.

13-year old Nickolas Shoffner and 15-year old Richard Abenojar had escaped from the facility on Straight Line Road and headed into nearby woods around 5 p.m. Abenojar was soon caught by staff members. A perimeter was set up and multiple units assisted in looking for Shoffner. Two Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office K9 Teams, along with several Department of Corrections tracking K9s, and a Crestview PD unit, searched the heavily wooded area and creeks for several hours.

Around 10:30 p.m., a DJJ employee who pulled into the McDonald’s on South Ferdon Boulevard in Crestview saw Shoffner inside. She notified the OCSO and Shoffner was taken into custody. In his possession were several items that appeared to have been purchased from Walmart including a backpack, new clothing, and bags of candy. Shoffner also had a black laptop that he later said he had stolen from an unknown vehicle along with cash.

Shoffner was transported to DJJ and charged with escape. Additional charges may be pending.

Abenojar was also charged with escape.

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