FWC Division of Law Enforcement Weekly Report 2/9/2018 – 2/15/2018

Franklin County

Officers Peterson, Kossey, and Travis were targeting undersized oysters in the Eastpoint area. They conducted a resource inspection at the Eastpoint Boat Ramp and found two bags of oysters hidden in the boat. After checking the two bags of oysters for size tolerance, they determined one bag contained 96% undersized oysters and the other contained 100% undersized oysters. Both subjects were cited for possession of undersized oysters and untagged bags and 444 undersized oysters were returned to the water alive.

While on land patrol, Lieutenant Marlow and Officer Boyd drove into Mikissic Beach to conduct resource inspections. When driving into the area, they noticed multiple individuals move around a vehicle in an evasive manner. The officers contacted the individuals and smelled the odor of marijuana. Further investigation revealed multiple bags and a wooden box containing marijuana. Additionally, a marijuana smoking pipe, another pipe with white residue, two straws with white residue, a butane torch, other drug paraphernalia, multiple knives and a pair of brass knuckles were located on one of the individuals. Officer Richardson and a Carrabelle Police Department Officer arrived on scene to assist. Appropriate law enforcement action was taken.

While on patrol, Officer Nelson observed an individual, known to place live animal traps, walk out of a wooded area with a gun. He stopped and talked to the individual and after a brief conversation the man got in his truck and drove away. Officer Nelson followed him and stopped him. Further investigation revealed that he had multiple live traps in the wooded area that he was checking and he failed to possess a hunting license due to it being revoked by the courts. Additionally, the individual had a revoked driver’s license. Appropriate charges were issued for the violations.

Okaloosa County

Officer Bartlett was conducting resource protection and permit inspections on Eglin Wildlife Management Area. The officer observed a vehicle traveling on Range Road 400 during closed hours. Officer Bartlett stopped the vehicle and contacted the driver and passenger, neither of which had the required Eglin Recreational User Permit. Officer Bartlett issued notice to appear citations to both the driver and passenger for entering Eglin during closed hours and warnings for no permits.

Santa Rosa County

Officer Jernigan received information regarding a social media post that showed a duck and another bird that a subject had killed. The duck was identified as a hooded merganser, but the other bird was a grebe, a protected migratory bird. Officer Jernigan located the subject who admitted to taking the bird. He was charged with a violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act under Florida’s Administrative Code.

Officer Hutchinson completed an investigation into a complaint about a juvenile that killed a short horn buck. The investigation revealed evidence that the subject killed the deer by drowning it after he shot it several times with birdshot. He was charged with taking an antlerless deer and animal cruelty.

Officer Hutchinson completed an investigation regarding a subject who harvested two antlerless deer on one of the doe days earlier this season. The man was found in possession of a fresh deer hide, and during the investigation, provided officers with documentation that he killed two antlerless deer at one time. The limit is one per day. He was charged with taking over the bag limit of antlerless deer.

Wakulla County

Lieutenant Marlow received a complaint of multiple individuals trespassing on a large tract of land. He responded to the area and observed a vehicle matching the description the complainant gave. When he started driving to their location, the vehicle turned and sped off in a different direction. Lieutenant Marlow closed the distance, the vehicle stopped and the driver quickly exited the vehicle. An interview of the driver and all occupants revealed that they had knowledge that they were trespassing. All individuals were charged accordingly.

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