Coffee with a Cop in Crestview Feb. 21st

CRESTVIEW — Caffeine and conversation with Chief Tony Taylor and of?cers of the Crestview Police Department are waiting at Casbah Coffee Company during the upcoming Feb. 21 Coffee With a Cop. The event, held every even-numbered month, is an opportunity to meet with the police chief and some of his of?cers in a casual, informal atmosphere, Community Services Of?cer Wanda Hulion, one of the program’s coordinators, said. “It’s conveniently located downtown, and it gives us a chance to meet with citizens in a casual setting,” she said. That’s one of Coffee With a Cop’s strongest attractions, Police Chief Tony Taylor said. “People sometimes feel a little intimidated coming to see us at the Police Department,” Taylor said. “This is another way for us to reach out to the community, to be out in the community, and carry on conversations in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.” “We ?nd we get a lot more interaction when we’re just out in public,” Ofc. Hulion’s partner, Of?cer Sam Kimmon, said. Taylor said the Community Services program, which started about four years ago, allows people the opportunity to discuss any topic of concern, offer praise or just get to know their police of?cers in an informal setting over a free cup of java. “Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and share what’s on your mind with us,” Taylor said.

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