OCSO Wraps Up Baker Home Invasion With 5 Arrests

February 10, 2018

Baker, FL – A total of five individuals has now been charged in connection with a home invasion robbery that took place in Baker on September 10, 2017.

Two men entered the house through a window and demanded money and guns. They got only a wallet before fleeing but stole a car that contained nearly $5,000 in cash, collectible coins, gold bars, a Glock firearm and retired law enforcement credentials.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office investigators were able to determine the two men were 26-year old Joey Smelly and 26-year old Cody Kurpil of Crestview. The victims say Kurpil had formerly done landscaping and maintenance at their house.

Smelley and Kurpil are charged with Home Invasion Robbery, Grand Theft, Grand Theft of a Vehicle, and Grand Theft of a Firearm.

Smelley was arrested at the Okaloosa County Jail on January 16th. Kurpil was arrested January 23rd.

The OCSO investigation also revealed that 33-year old Richard Del Pozo and his 24-year old sister, Anna Del Pozo, were involved. They are charged with being principals to the same felony offenses as Smelley and Kurpil. Investigators say they helped plan and execute the robbery, drove Kurpil and Smelley to a location near the home and also got a share of the stolen cash and coins.

Anna Del Pozo was arrested January 31st and Richard Del Pozo was taken into custody February 3rd.

In addition, 33-year old Heather Creech is charged with dealing in stolen property in connection with the case. She concealed the stolen car under a tarp in her front yard on Dreaden Circle in Milligan. Creech, who was arrested January 25th, says once she learned it was stolen she got rid of it by contacting someone and having them remove it from her yard.

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