Deputy Bit by Dog While Serving Warrant

October 10, 2017

Milton, FL – On 10-9-17, Deputies with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office were at 4367 Woodville Road in Milton to serve a felony arrest warrant on Nickole Trappman.

David William Trappman

While on scene, Nickole was observed running into the home. Her husband David began to interfere with the deputies outside the home.

He was given lawful commands several times to back away from the residence. At one point, David commanded the 2 dogs at the residence to attack the 2 Deputies who entered the home to lawfully arrest the suspect with the felony arrest warrants. When one of two large dogs attacked a Deputy, the dog was shot.

The Deputy was bit in the leg receiving several punctures and lacerations. He was treated by EMS personnel.

David Trappman was arrested and charged with Battery on LEO, Aggravated Battery on-LEO, and Resisting Officer.

He was arrested and transported to the Santa Rosa County Jail where he was held on a $61,000.000 bond.


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