Certified Pile Burner Course – August 30 & September 13

The Florida Forest Service (FFS) and UF/IFAS Extension Service will be conducting a Certified Pile Burners Course on Wednesday, August 30 in Milton, and Wednesday, September 13, 2017 in Marianna and in Madison, FL.  (This course is also being offered in other areas of the state.  Check the website for the closest training to your location:  FFS Training Scheudule).  .  This training will be held from 8:30 am till 4:30 pm local time at the County Extension Office in all three locations.  Lunch will be provided with the training.  Fill out the registration form for the location of choice below and return as directed.

Don’t wait to register!  The number of training opportunities offered, and attendance at each individual  training is LIMITED.  The first fifty individuals to complete the requirements will be registered; there will be a 7-day non refundable fee limit.  If you do not make the training, and did not contact the hosting office at least one week before the class, you will not receive a refund.  There will be a test at the end of the session.  You must receive a grade of 70% or higher on the exam and demonstrate a proper pile burn with your local FFS office to become certified.  Once you are certified it will be noted with your customer number, thus it is important for us to have the proper number.  If you do not have a customer number, the FFS office in Bonifay will set one up for you:  850-373-1801.

This course will show you how to burn piles legally, safely and efficiently.  Most importantly, it could save a life.  If you burn piles regularly, don’t put off registering for this training.  When the weather is dry, certified pile burners will receive priority for authorization to burn.  Also, certified pile burners are allowed to burn up to two hours longer per day and get multiple day authorizations.

Topics to be covered:
  1. Fire Weather
  2. Smoke Management
  3. Open Burning Regulations
  4. Pile Burn Planning and Implementation
  5. Safety
  6. Public Relations
  7. Pile Burner Certification Test        Please bring a Pencil for the Exam!

Download the Registration Packet for the location nearest you:

Milton – Santa Rosa Co. Pile Burner Course Registration Packet – August 30

Marianna – Jackson Co. Pile Burner Course Registration Packet – September 13

Madison – Madison Co. Pile Burner Course Registration Packet – September 13

Frequently Asked Questions about Florida’s Certified Pile Burner Training

Q: Why should I be a certified pile burner?
A: Certified pile burners are trained to burn piles legally, safely and efficiently. Most importantly, it could save a life. Also, when the weather is dry, certified pile burners will receive priority for authorization to burn by the Florida Forest Service (FFS).  Also, certified pile burners are allowed to burn up to two hours longer per day and get multiple day authorizations.
Q: What is a Pile Burner Customer Number?
A: When you call the FFS for an authorization to burn, you will be assigned a personal customer number. This number references your information so it doesn’t need to be gathered each time you call for an authorization. You must have your individual FFS customer number in order to be certified.
Q: Is there a test?
A: Yes, the test is 20 questions and open-book. You must receive a score of at least 70% to pass.
Q: What if I don’t pass?
A: Very few people fail the test, but if you do, you will be provided another opportunity to take the test at a later date. If you fail the second time, you must re-register and take the training again.
Q: Why do you ask for my email on the application form?
A: Email is the fastest and most convenient method to inform registrants of their registration status. If no email address is provided then all correspondence will be sent through the federal mail. This can take several days to relay messages and this may not be practical if changes are made to the course schedule or for last minute registrations.
Q: How much does it cost to register for the training?
A: Registration for the training is $50 per person and includes lunch, training materials and testing.
Q: How long does my certification last, and how long do I have to complete the certification from the time I finish the class?
A: As long as the person with the certification uses their number at least 5 times in a period of 5 years their certification will not expire under the current program. You MUST complete the certification burn within a year of taking the class.
Q: Will certified burners be notified if their certification expires?
A: Yes, notification will be sent out to them to let them know of their upcoming certification expiration date.
Q: Will I be certified at the end of the one day training?
A: No, you will need to follow the written instructions that you will receive from the FFS to become certified. You will need to complete a simple burn plan, have it reviewed and approved locally by the FFS and also have the burn itself reviewed and approved by the FFS.
Q: Is there a minimum age to be a certified pile burner?
A: Yes, you must be at least 18 years old to take the test and be a certified pile burner.
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